What problems is
CultureWorks addressing?

Despite great ideas, smart strategies, talented people and good intentions, ​
organizations fail to deliver their full potential and overall business success. ​

What are the major root causes to this problem? ​

Status quo feels more reassuring than change.

There is an ambitious vision and clear strategy, but habits and beliefs support the current trajectory.

The culture could better support the business objectives and strategy.

My reality is more important than yours, ours and theirs.

Silo mentality and unclear common objectives hinder the required level of collaboration, particularly with people who bring differences.

Sharing a higher purpose and cultivating inclusion and collaboration could activate many new possibilities.

The agile approach and collective intelligence are unreliable.

People and teams struggle with the growing complexity and ambiguity of their environment and challenges. They feel lost and prefer to rely on logic and rationality or tackle immediate transactional tasks.

Agility and collective intelligence could unlock many complex and ambiguous challenges.

Following instructions is lighter than taking ownership.

Despite the mastery of their operational context, managers and employees function too much on “command & control” rather than “coach and empower”.

A lot of potential to deal with complexity and speed in a motivating could be activated.

Remote working and digital workplace have increased the vulnerability to these root causes for underperformance, because they challenge the feeling of belonging and the inclusiveness.

CultureWorks addresses these root causes by activating 2 fundamental human ingredients : purposeful organizational culture and empowering + inclusive leadership.​

We help you bridge typical existing ingredients in your organization (smart strategies, outstanding talents and good intentions) with deeper human potential to reach sustainable business performance (people, planet & profit).

Our services

Culture change, developing your leardership and decision making applied to 3 domains of expertise​

Growing your purposeful + collaborative organizational culture, ​working on visible and invisible traits

Added value

Because “culture eats strategy for breakfast” (P. Drucker), create the powerful relationship between your chosen vision, strategy, purpose and the intended organizational culture. Foster a culture that fuels your people’s and stakeholders’ commitment to implement your strategy. Nurture the alignment between the aspired values and people’s behaviours. ​

Developing your empowering + inclusive leadership,
​promoting trust, initiative and responsibility

Added value

Foster the teams’ trust and performance to drive change and create impact. ​ Support individual leaders to develop their self-awareness, inner balance and performance drivers. Nurture awareness and attitudes for an inclusive, unbiased, more empowering and inspiring leadership.

Facilitating strategic decisions on complex and/or ambiguous topics, ​ leveraging collective intelligence and intuition.

Added value

Reach explicit decisions with wholehearted commitment from all concerned parties (within the Leadership Team or beyond). They experience a rich, structured and a fair decision-making process. Next steps are also considered in a pragmatic way, such as clear roles and governance. Feed mutual understanding and empathy for a powerful implementation.

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