Our services to regenerate Collective Power

As consultants, coaches and facilitators, we stand alongside leaders
who are committed to enhancing the effectiveness of their teams and organization,
enabling to navigate the ever more demanding landscape and become futureproof.

Collective Power = Together, we are resilient and can succeed in achieving our objectives and fulfilling our mission

Futureproof organization = We thrive in a “BANI” world (Brittle. Anxious. Non-linear. Incomprehensible)
within planetary boundaries

An original tried-and-tested approach

Applying to all companies, from startup to multinational, public & private

In a spirit of companionship with our clients, we deploy consulting, coaching and facilitation methods with…

  1. The understanding of the business, corporate and organizational challenges
  2. A systemic view on human dynamics, with the capacity to tap into the emotional intelligence of people and teams
  3. The capacity to create authentic and structured conversations, getting to the bottom of the issues without prejudice, deploying collective intelligence and inclusiveness

Shaping and Living your Purpose, Serving Society / Nature

Activating the #1 lever of collective power

Typical projects:

  • Participative Shaping of Company Purpose
  • Regenerative Incubator
  • Ritualizing your Purpose (walking the talk)
  • Purpose Governance for Impact

Integrative approach of shaping and living your purpose


In a participative way, we identify the most relevant value to society / nature that resonates with the core company capability / business.


We align this purpose with the vision & strategy with some clarity on the expected tagible results.


We embed the purpose into tangible traits such as governance, organization, policies, processes, and symbols, and stimulate coherent behaviours to incarnate the purpose.

Growing your Organizational Culture

Energizing People on a Collective Identity and Collective Actions

Typical projects:

  • Culture Diagnostic
  • Culture Development Strategy and Adaptive Implementation
  • Leveraging Processes & Symbols (high ROI)
  • Culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Integrative approach of growing your purposeful + collaborative organizational culture


What is the business problem you need to solve? ​


We check the coherence/ links between behaviours (visible part of the organizational culture), the vision & strategy, and results.


We work on shaping the supporting values, beliefs and purpose.


We work tangible traits such as talent management, organization model, policies and business processes, and symbols to foster behaviours in line with the values.

Developing your Empowering Leadership

With the inner capacity to navigate in a BANI world

Typical projects:

  • Team Alignment
  • Role Modeling
  • Leaders’ Personal Impact
  • Fostering a Safe Space
  • Climate Positive Leadership 
  • Fostering and Leveraging Diversity 

Integrative approach of developing your empowering + inclusive leadership


What do you need to transform as a leader / team? ​


We create the coach-coachee (executive or team) partnership and shape the journey​.


Collect data and feedback to understand the context and the system​.


Work on cognition (conscious - unconscious) and behaviours for a deep integration​.

Facilitated Decision-Making for Powerful Narratives

Using collective intelligence and engaging employees and partners on a clear and credible path

Typical projects:

  • Facilitated Leadership Team strategic Retreats
  • Cascading Narrative
  • Scaling Consultation / Codecision

Integrative approach of facilitating strategic decisions on complex and/or ambiguous topics


What is the key question? ​


Shape the process, create the safe space and mobilize participants (Leadership Team or broader) with a clear intention.


Facilitate the discussion on key topics to allow clear choices emerge. Make sure that the process is perceived as fair by all.​

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